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High Performance Gel & Blot Imaging Systems
Highly Bright & Stable Bright Chemi Substrates

Assemble DNA Constructs Simply & Efficiently Using The Gibson Assembly® Method

Azure Biosystems

Azure Biosystems
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Founded in Dublin, California, Azure Biosystems offers the Azure Biosystems cSeries imaging systems for documenting and analysing DNA and protein gels and Western blots using UV, visible light, chemiluminescence and visible/infrared fluorescence

With a market leading range of visualisation capabilities, the cSeries imaging systems enable labs to replace transilluminators, gel imagers and darkrooms with one high performance, small, upgradeable, multi-functional instrument. With a dual focussed camera that produces high quality images ideal for publication both low and high concentration targets can be accurately quantified.

Azure Biosystems Portfolio

Next Generation Laser-Based Scanner Platform - Sapphire™
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Ultimate Western Blot Imaging System - cSeries c600
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Infrared Western Blot Imaging System - cSeries c500
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Visible Fluorescent Western & Blot Imaging System - cSeries c400
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Darkroom Eliminator Gel & Blot Imaging System - cSeries c300
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'Better Than Film' Gel & Blot Imaging System - cSeries c280
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Gel Imaging Workstation - cSeries c200
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• Bright & Stable Chemi Western Blot Substrates – Radiance
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Cambridge Bioscience exclusively distributes the cSeries and Sapphire systems for Azure Biosystems in the UK.

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