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Azure 600 ultimate Western blot imaging system

The Azure 600 is the ultimate Western blot (WB) imaging system from Azure Biosystems, which documents and analyses DNA gels, protein gels and Western blots using UV, visible light, chemiluminescence and visible/infrared fluorescence.

With a market-leading range of visualisation capabilities in a single instrument, the Azure 600 enables labs to replace transilluminators, gel imagers and darkrooms with one high performance, compact, upgradeable and multi-functional instrument. The high-quality images produced by the 9.1 MP camera give accurate quantification of both low and high concentration targets and are ideal for publication.

Benefits of using the Azure 600Azure 600
• 9.1 MP camera for publication-ready images
• Multiple detection modalities in a single instrument
• High functional dynamic range for simultaneous detection of low & high abundance targets
• No manual focusing regardless of gel size
• Single, small benchtop footprint
• Use with a wide range of fluorescent probes
• Multiple targets can be probed on a single blot with up to three visible fluorescent channels 
• Bands can be excised without leaving the imager
• DNA imaged with minimal damage
• Fluorescent blot reimaging over weeks
• High CCD sensitivity & speed improves target detection even when signals are faint or fading

AzureRed is a novel fluorescent protein stain from Azure Biosystems optimised for total protein normalisation (TPN) and WB quantification. Excited optimally with a 520nm (Cy3) laser light source or also UV light, AzureRed leaves NIR channels available for targets of interest. AzureRed can also be used in conjunction with chemiluminescence substrates. AzureRed can be used on a range of imaging systems and is optimised for use with the Azure Q Module and analysed using AzureSpot software. Find out more about AzureRed. 

Azure 600 imaging options

Azure 600 imaging

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