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Diagnostics and health

Cambridge Bioscience has partnered with leading manufacturers to support laboratories in the diagnostic and developing wellness industry. 

With a strong focus on the clinical genomic workflow, we can offer the complete solution, including reagents, instrumentation, consumables and services, from sample collection and preservation to nucleic acid extraction and bioinformatic analysis.

Our nucleic extraction product range includes various options including fully automated systems and dedicated kits from Zybio, as well as versatile manual kits from Zymo Research.

The Seraseq NGS reference materials from LGC SeraCare provide a consistent and reliable positive and negative control material for next generation sequencing (NGS) assay development, validation, clinical deployment, lot-to-lot testing, in-kit controls and daily run control QC.

The porfolio also includes a range of sample collection and preservation devices from NEST and Zymo Research, as well as comprehensive microbiome and epigenetic services.