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Azure 280 chemiluminescent imaging system

The new Azure 280 digital chemiluminescent imaging system from Azure Biosystems offers a faster and easier method for imaging chemiluminescent Western blots and protein/DNA gels at an affordable price. Providing the same sensitivity as film without the hassle of a darkroom, the Azure 280 features a 6-megapixel camera and is capable of chemiluminescent, UV-light, blue-light and white-light imaging.

Benefits of the Azure 280Azure 280 imaging system
• Next evolution of Western blot imaging systems
• Eliminates the need for a darkroom
• 6 megapixel camera for publication quality imaging
• Compact & easy to use
• Streamlined user interface with one-touch workflows
• Easy-to-use touch screen interface
• Focus-free imaging with no positioning required
• Fast, sensitive & high-resolution detection
• Chemiluminescence, UV, EPI-blue, EPI-white & visible light imaging
• Western blots, protein gels & DNA gels imaged

Azure 280 imaging options

Azure 280 imaging options


Bright & stable chemi Western blot substrates
Learn more about Radiance

• UV gel imaging
• Blue light gel imaging including SYBR® Safe & GelGreen™
• White light imaging including Coomassie®
• Chemiluminescent Western imaging
• Colour marker imaging

Compatible dyes, substrates, kits & labels
The Azure cSeries is an open platform and is compatible with a wide range of dyes, substrates, kits and labels.

Material available to download
Azure imaging systems brochure

Organise a demonstration
To organise a demonstration, technical presentation or to find out more, please contact our Azure specialists

SYBR is a registered trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
Coomassie is a registered trademark of ICI.


Note: product availability depends on country - see product detail page.

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Azure 280 AZI280-01 · Azure Biosystems
Azure Biosystems
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1 unit
Additional 1-year Warranty - Azure 280 AZI1117 · Azure Biosystems
Azure Biosystems
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