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Real-Time PCR instruments

The new Azure Cielo 96-well Real-Time PCR machines from Azure Biosystems bring you the accuracy and sensitivity you need for your research. Designed to fit the needs of your lab, the Cielo 3 and the Cielo 6 systems offer you the flexibility to select a system that fits both your applications and your budget.

These capable and affordable instruments are an excellent choice for labs looking to increase their throughput for PCR testing. These instruments are currently available on relatively short manufacturing lead times, enabling you to rapidly boost testing capacity.

The Cielo Dx Real-Time PCR system for IVD use is now available.

Why Azure Cielo?Azure Cielo 3
The Azure Cielo 3 and Cielo 6 bring you:
Flexibility - engineered for a wide variety of qPCR applications, with high sensitivity and wide dynamic range
Intelligent workflow - intuitive user interface allows simple touch screen assay setup, and multi-user logins to make each run easy and reproducible
Reliability - the optics and thermal block are designed to deliver the same uniformity and reproducibility after 1000 qPCR experiments
Connectivity - no external PC is required to run the machine. Data can be transferred via ethernet, LAN, Wi-Fi or USB

Reliable and reproducible results begin with well-to-well temperature uniformity. The Cielo offers performance without compromise with tight replicates through superior inter-well uniformity and reliable detection of 2-fold differences.

Performance without compromise

Azure Cielo amplification curve

Amplification curves for 96 replicates have been shown in figure A. linear plot and figure, and B. logarithmic plot. 96 replicates of 105 copies of GAPDH template amplified in the presence of GAPHD primers. Average Cq = 19.1, Coeff of variance (Cv)= 0.002. Cv) = 0.002

Reliably detect 2-fold differences

Azure Cielo dilution series

10 point, 2 x dilution series of human reference cDNA (n=3) was tested for human GAPDH using Azure Cielo. Shown here is the log amplification curve of the 10 samples. In-set figure shows standard curves plot of the 2 x dilution series, R2 (standard curve method) = 0.998, amplification efficiency = 99.89%.

Built to last

Azure Cielo qPCR experiment number

After subjecting the Azure Cielo to 1000 continuous qPCR experiments, a GAPDH qPCR assay was performed and amplification values (Cq) were recorded. Average Cq in each assay = 22.4, ±0.01.

Which Azure Cielo?
Choose either the Cielo 3 and 6 to match your applications. Both systems are compatible with low-profile semi-skirted or no-skirt 96-well plates.

  Azure Cielo 3 Azure Cielo 6
SYBR™ Green, EvaGreen™, FAM™ X X
VIC®, HEX™, JOE™, CAL Fluor® 540, CAL Fluor® Orange 560 X X
TEX®615, Quasar®670, CAL Fluor® Red 610   X
Cy®5, Liz®, Mustang Purple® X X

Other dyes/probes are also possible and depends on the system configuration

Getting started
Getting started with the Cielo Real-Time PCR system is simple with a guided, step by step approach to help set up cycling condition and dyes. Preloaded templates include: quantitative PCR, allele discrimination and comparative quantification.  Workflows are designed to minimise the time needed to set up each run using the 10.2 inch touchscreen. Receive end-of-run notifications and data file via email, Wi-Fi/ethernet or USB.

Azure Cielo set up

Azure Cielo analysis software
The Cielo 3 and Cielo 6 are supplied with unlimited copies of the Azure Cielo analysis software. After analysis, customised data reports allow for data sets to be exported and displayed including raw data plots, amplification plots, graphical display, statistical data and experimental notes.

Azure Cielo report generation



Specifications Cielo 3 (AIQ030) Cielo 6 (AIQ060)
Product description 96-well real-time PCR instrument with 10.2” touch screen interface, 3 dye channel filters 96-well real-time PCR instrument with 10.2” touch screen interface, 3 dye channel filters
Sample capacity (wells) 96 96
Reaction volume 10-150 µl 10-150 µl
Excitation source LED LED
Detection channels 3 6
Multiplexing Up to 3 targets Up to 6 targets
Thermal element Peltier Peltier
Max. block ramp rate 6°C/sec 6°C/sec
Temperature uniformity 4°C/sec 4°C/sec
Temperature accuracy ±0.2°C ±0.2°C
Dye compatibility ±0.1°C ±0.1°C
Custom dye chemistry SYBR Green, EvaGreen, FAM, VIC, JOE, HEX, CAL Fluor 540, CAL Fluor Orange 560, Cy5, LIZ, Mustang Purple SYBR Green, EvaGreen, FAM, VIC, JOE, HEX, CAL Fluor 540, CAL Fluor Orange 560, ROX, TAMRA, TEX615, Quasar 670, CAL Flour Red 610, Cy5, LIZ, Mustang Purple, Cy5.5, Quasar 705
Chemistry compatibility Yes Yes
Detection sensitivity 1 copy 1 copy
Sensitivity Detect difference as small as 2-fold in target quantities in single plex reactions Detect difference as small as 2-fold in target quantities in single plex reactions
Connectivity USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet

Purchasing options
Azure Cielo is available in a range of flexible purchasing options. To see how these options can fit your labs budget, contact us.

Material available to download
Azure Cielo brochure

Organise an Azure Cielo demonstration
To organise a virtual or on-site demonstration, please contact our Azure specialists


Note: product availability depends on country - see product detail page.

Details Cat number & supplier Size Price
Azure Cielo 3 Real-Time PCR AIQ030 · Azure Biosystems
Azure Biosystems
1 unit POA
1 unit
Azure Cielo 6 Real-Time PCR AIQ060 · Azure Biosystems
Azure Biosystems
1 unit POA
1 unit