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Cheers to reliable yeast cell counting!
Published 1 November 2023 by Sean Butler
To ensure the quality and consistency of your beer, reliable cell counting in breweries is a fundamental practice that should never be overlooked. Here are some key reasons why this practice is essential in breweries...
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Meet the expert: immunopeptidome profiling
Published 23 October 2023
Cayman Chemical, in partnership with MS Bioworks, has developed a workflow to enable MHC Class I and MHC Class II Associated Peptide Proteomics (MAPPs). They sat down with one of their scientists, Julie Rumble, Ph.D., to discuss the work she is doing to identify novel peptide sequences in tumor tissues.
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Long-read sequencing: NGS "method of the year"
Published 13 October 2023
Long-read sequencing technologies provide analysis of large and intricate regions of the genome, and recent significant technological advancements in long-read sequencing instruments seem to have reinvigorated interest in this method.
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Illuminating science: why are brighter luciferase assays better?
Published 2 October 2023 by Hannah Lemon
When it comes to luciferase assays, the intensity of the emitted light can make all the difference between a groundbreaking discovery and a missed opportunity. Read more to explore why brightness matters and how luciferase assays can illuminate the path to scientific discovery.
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How do cell and gene therapy differ?
Published 21 August 2023
Cell and gene therapy share the same therapeutic goals - the prevention, treatment and, ultimately, the cure of diseases. However, cell and gene therapy are different techniques with unique mechanisms and characteristics.
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