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Azure Q-Module for total protein stain illumination

The Q-Module from Azure Biosystems is a visible light source upgrade (ex 524 nm / em 572 nm) that can be fitted to NIR or chemiluminescent Azure Biosystems imaging systems to enable illumination of the AzureRed total protein stain. Using this visible source to illuminate an appropriate total protein stain is preferable to using a NIR channel as it leaves the NIR channels free for multiplex or single target protein illumination.

For researchers working with HRP based chemiluminescence substrates such as Radiance, the addition of a Q-Module to an Azure Biosystems imaging system enables Western blot quantification. In this scenario, AzureRed total protein stain is illuminated using the Q-module and the image saved then overlaid with a visible light, chemiluminescent image of the blot. 

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Q-Module upgrade options
The Q-Module is supplied as an optional upgrade to the Azure 300, the Azure 500 and models of the Sapphire Biomolecular Scanner:

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Azure Imaging Series with RGB capabiltiies
Azure Biosystems imaging workstations with ‘RGB’ capabilities such as the Azure 600 and Azure 400 already include this light source so are ready to use with AzureRed total protein stain.

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Request a demo
Cambridge Bioscience, in conjunction with Azure Biosystems, offer user technology days where users can learn, try and discuss modern Western blot imaging techniques including total protein normalisation. For more information, contact our Azure specialists or email instruments@bioscience.co.uk


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Sapphire Q-Module Upgrade IS1018 · Azure Biosystems
Azure Biosystems
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Q Module - 500 AZI50Q · Azure Biosystems
Azure Biosystems
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1 unit
Q Module - 300 AZI30Q · Azure Biosystems
Azure Biosystems
1 unit POA
1 unit