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Primary antibodies & secondary antibodies

We strongly believe that antibodies should be well-validated and the data you obtain should be reproducible. This is why we choose to source our antibodies from specialist, industry-leading antibody manufacturers who have decades of experience of producing antibodies and are at the forefront of antibody validation initiatives. 

Cambridge Bioscience offers a comprehensive collection of primary antibodies and secondary antibodies from highly regarded antibody manufacturers, such as Atlas Antibodies, Bethyl Laboratories and Hycult Biotech. With high specificity, sensitivity and excellent validation, you can always rely on antibodies purchased from us. 

Making antibody searching easy

Our antibody search enables you to filter your results by antibody host, species reactivity and application, as well as sort by price, supplier or size.

The Cambridge Bioscience Success Guarantee

We have full confidence in our products and services, so you can too. If you do have a problem or are unhappy in any way, we will resolve it, replace it or refund it. Find out more

*A recent report (published in Anal. Chem. Insights, 2016; 11: 21-27) highlighted that the Human Protein Atlas project discovered more than 50 percent of 5,000 commercial antibodies they tested, did not work in the stated application.

Better antibodies, better research: Supplier highlights