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Instruments and accessories

Cambridge Bioscience works in partnership with a small number of specialist instrument suppliers to offer you a range of high-performance life science research instruments which we are confident will provide new ways to analyse your samples, improve the quality of data you generate and optimise workflows.

Our product range includes:

  • Zybio EXM6000: increase the speed of your nucleic acid extractions to just 12 minutes
  • DeNovix DS-11 microvolume spectrophotometers and fluorometers: SelectScience® Platinum Seal of Quality Winner
  • Azure Series: Imaging systems for Western blot documentation and analysis
  • Azure Sapphire FL Biomolecular Scanner: the next-generation of laser-based scanner
  • DeNovix CellDrop: count cells without slides
  • OLS CASY Counter: the gold standard in cell counting and analysis

Get in touch and we will be pleased to show you how our instruments can make your life in the lab easier and more rewarding.

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