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Assemble DNA Constructs Simply & Efficiently Using The Gibson Assembly® Method

Instruments & Consumables

Cambridge Bioscience now offers a wide range of innovative instruments and equipment to further enable your research.

We are working with some of the best new life science instrument manufacturers who are developing pioneering instruments that can enable you to analyse your samples in new ways, improve the quality of data you generate and optimise workflows to make your life in the lab easier and more rewarding.

We are investing in lots of demonstration units of these systems and we will be pleased to bring them to your lab to test with your samples

Up To 50% Off Ex-Demo Instruments
We are offering up to 50% off the following ex-demo instruments with a full one year warranty included:
• JuLI™ Stage
• Eve™
• c280
Stock is strictly limited. Request a quote Here.

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If you would like to discuss any of the instruments in our portfolio, please contact a member of our instruments team by calling 01223 316 855 or by Clicking Here

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