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Azure 200 gel imaging workstation

Eliminating the need for numerous pieces of equipment, the Azure 200 from Azure Biosystems enables researchers to easily image DNA and protein gels stained with 'safe' dyes, Ethidium Bromide or Coomassie Blue or silver stains. Compact, user friendly and featuring a 5.4-megapixel camera, the Azure 200 utilises UV, blue-light and white-light imaging to produce high-quality images ideal for publication. Using the accompanying software, visualised bands can be analysed for molecular weight or concentration.

Benefits of using the Azure 200Azure 200 imaging system
• 5.4 MPx camera for publication ready images
• EPI-blue, EPI-white & dual band UV imaging
• Orange tray for visible applications
• Compatible with a wide range of dyes/stains
• Excise bands without leaving the system with override switch for UV interlock & roll-out tray
• Compact design
• High sensitivity with wide dynamic range
• Highly sensitive fixed hands-free lens – no manual focussing or positioning required
• Upgradeable to add chemiluminescent imaging for when your research evolves

Azure 200 imaging options

Azure 200 imaging options

Compatible dyes, substrates, kits & labels
The Azure imaging systems are an open platform and compatible with a wide range of dyes, substrates, kits and labels.

• UV gel imaging
• Blue light gel imaging including SYBR® Safe & GelGreen™
• White light imaging including Coomassie®
• Visible marker imaging

Material available for download
Azure imaging systems brochure
Imaging three-color Western blots application note
Chemiluminescent & fluorescent Westerns application note
Western blot normalisation

Organise a demonstration
To organise a demonstration, technical presentation or to find out more, please contact our Azure specialists.

Stain-Free is a trademark of Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. SYBR is a registered trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. Coomassie is a registered trademark of ICI.


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