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Discuss your services project with usWe are here to support your research with an extensive range of services from our expert supply partners. Spanning a wide range of research applications, from cell and molecular biology to custom synthesis, lipidomics discovery and assay design, our services provide you with access to expert scientists, facilities and knowledge to empower your next breakthrough.

Choosing the right service for your project

Our team are happy to help you with selecting the right service that meets your research needs.

Bioanalysis services Elevate your research with our bioanalysis services, featuring lipidomics services from lipid experts, Cayman Chemical, precision biomarker testing, and efficient, deep sequence immunopeptidome profiling.
Chemical synthesis services

With decades of experience, Cayman Chemical offers custom synthesis, purification and characterisation of biochemicals, as well as catalogue customisation including custom formulation, size and exact weight services.

For drug-delivery research, Cayman also offers a range of lipid nanoparticle (LNP) development services including lipid synthesis, LNP formulation & bioanalysis.

Cell line development BPS Bioscience offer tailor-made engineered cell lines to meet your exact requirements, designed to support advanced research in protein production, CAR-T modeling.
Cell biology services

Cytogenetic analysis, including AGH & karyotype analysis from Cell Guidance Systems as well as exosome services to simplify exosomal profiling from System Biosciences

Molecular biology services

From epigenetics experts, Zymo Research & Active Motif, we offer services including methyl-seq, CHIP-seq and genome-wide 5-hmC analysis

Our custom competent cells from Lucigen offer flexible formatting options to meet your specific requirements

Access gene or sequence synthesis, as well as lentiviral packaging services from System Biosciences

Not sure which service is right for you?

Contact our services specialists to discuss a specific project or for more information about what we can offer.