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Highly Sensitive dsDNA Quantification Kits

NGS library prep from limited samples

Complex siRNA Pools For Gene Silencing

Get More Reliable & Robust Results In Gene Silencing With siPOOL™

Next-generation sequencing

Enabling the generation of accurate, bias-free data from challenging or routine samples, the Cambridge Bioscience NGS portfolio includes technologies such as synthetic long read sequencing from Loop Genomics, fast and simple protocols from Zymo Research, ribodepletion kits from siTools Biotech, and low input, high complexity NGS libraries from a range of challenging sample types, from Swift Biosciences.

Deciding which technology can help you in your research can be difficult and depend on sample type, automation and experimental design.

Contact our genomics specialist to find out how to achieve your goals or click on the appropriate link below to find out more about our NGS portfolio.

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