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Assays and ELISAs

Cambridge Bioscience has partnered with dedicated assay development specialists who are experienced in the design, manufacture and validation of a wide range of biomarker and cellular assays. Using their experience, our partners produce ready-to-use assays which will yield consistent and reproducible data that you can trust with your precious samples and cells.

Our diverse range of assays includes ELISAs which have been co-developed with leading scientists from across the world, enabling the measurement of difficult to measure proteins in complex human and veterinary matrices.

For multiplex analysis we offer an extensive selection of antibody arrays which enable quantitative analysis of hundreds of analytes from a single sample.

We also offer biochemical, enzyme and cell-based assays, as well as kinase and epigenetic screening/profiling services that have been designed for greater accuracy and increased throughput.

Our range of assays and services can be used to detect and screen a wide range of biomarkers and drug targets, accelerate project timelines and deliver consistent precise results for translational research and to enable better disease understanding and monitoring.