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About Us

About Us

About Cambridge Bioscience
We are a distributor of specialist life science research products.  Our goal is to identify companies that develop innovative technologies and to bring these products to our customers.

Our customers are mostly life science researchers in academic and industrial organisations in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Our innovative and reliable products, combined with the efficient logistics and customer services that we offer, help our customer achieve their research goals and make breakthrough discoveries in a wide range of life science research areas.

We have a long track record of being able to develop effective partnerships with our suppliers. We bring their products to market efficiently by using our proven and active marketing programs. Because of our size and the range of products that we carry, we are a valued partner to all of the major life science research organisations in the UK.

We have setup our business to be able to offer two main types of product:

Our Reagent team provides reliable and innovative biological and chemical reagents. We offer our customers a broad selection of trustworthy products that will help them to conduct research of the highest standard. We are committed to providing support for every product we sell and for making the process of finding and buying the best reagent as easy as possible.

We are focused on innovative, instrument-based products for cell and molecular biology research. Building upon our understanding of life science research we are now offering our customers a range of novel instruments that help them gain greater understanding of complex biological systems.  Our knowledgeable Instruments team will be able to appreciate your research needs and to demonstrate the utility of our systems in your applications.

Life science research is always demanding and it is critical that all parts of the supply chain deliver.  We challenge ourselves to set and meet the highest standards for product quality and the level of support our customers receive when working with us.

If you have any questions or comments about your experience of working with Cambridge Bioscience, or if you are interested in working with us as a supplier, please contact me directly.

Mike Kerins
Managing Director

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