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Western blot imaging

Cambridge Bioscience works closely with Azure Biosystems to bring researchers in the UK this range of high performance, intelligently designed, Western blot imaging systems. Compact, modular, intuitive and packed with features, Azure Western blot imaging systems are a smart choice for any lab looking to upgrade their imaging capabilities.

The Sapphire™ FL Biomolecular Imager is a laser-based scanner platform that combines exceptional sensitivity and image quality with unparalleled application flexibility, including total protein normalisation (TPN) techniques. Its wide range of different optical modules and diverse arsenal of methodologies (including short and long NIR, RGB, chemiluminescence and phosphor imaging) allows for greater customisation to support your research. With its Extended Dynamic Range (EDR) and 5 μm resolution image capture, this revolutionary system extends the scanning opportunities for the modern laboratory.

The Azure Imaging Series range of systems are ideal for documenting and analysing DNA and protein gels, and Western blots using UV, visible light, chemiluminescence and visible/infrared fluorescence. Packing high performance and flexible imaging capabilities into a small, bench-friendly footprint, Azure Biosystems’ imagers are workhorse systems ready to meet your lab’s needs now and into the future.