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Western Blot Imager: chemiSOLO

Introducing the chemiSOLO chemiluminescent imaging system, offering a high performance yet economical option for chemiluminescent blot imaging, without sacrificing a large space on your lab bench. Designed to make high-quality digital imaging accessible to all labs, the chemiSOLO can be controlled using any Wifi-enabled computer or device, eliminating the need for a dedicated computer.

Benefits of using the chemiSOLO chemiluminescent imaging systemchemiSOLO Instrument
• High-performance chemiluminescent imaging
• Compact size saves space on your lab bench - 29.2 cm (W) x 22.2 (H) x 43.2 (D)
• Economical option for chemi blot imaging
• No need for a dedicated computer, just control using any in range, Wifi-enabled computer or device with a web-browser
• Chemiluminescent & visible imaging of Coomassie-stained gels, colorimetric Western blots & pre-dyed colour protein markers
• Bring the darkroom to the benchtop
• Only 9.1 kg in weight

Extended Dynamic Range
Enabling chemiSOLO's 24-bit Extended Dynamic Range (EDR) feature allows for linear detection of wider ranges without saturation, helping to maximise data collection and gain a broader insight into your research.

EDR Graph Comparison

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