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Active Motif is the industry leader in developing and delivering innovative tools to enable epigenetics and gene regulation research. They offer a comprehensive portfolio of epigenetics-related products to support the life science, clinical and pharmaceutical/drug discovery communities.

Active Motif are committed to providing the highest quality antibodies for studying epigenetics and gene regulation. Antibodies are manufactured in-house, where they undergo rigorous validation procedures to ensure their quality and performance. A team of scientists have also validated these antibodies for use in the applications such as chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP), ChIP-Seq, immunoblot and immunofluorescence.

Recombinant proteins and enzymes
Active Motif offers a large collection of full-length, high-quality recombinant proteins for many relevant drug targets for use in biochemical assays and high-throughput epigenetic drug discovery. Proteins are manufactured to meet the highest standards of purity and activity required for conventional drug discovery assays, such as HTRF, mass spectrometry, AlphaLISA and AlphaScreen, and these assays are routinely incorporated into quality control processes.

ChIP and ChIP-seq assays
Active Motif launched the first ever ChIP products in 2003 and have been innovating ever since. They offer a comprehensive collection of products to support all steps in the ChIP workflow, including the largest range of kits and antibodies for ChIP and ChIP seq.

Cambridge Bioscience is pleased to distribute Active Motif products within the UK.