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ChIP-bisulphite-sequencing kit: ChIP-Bis-Seq

The ChIP-bisulphite-sequencing (ChIP-Bis-Seq) kit from Active Motif combines the target-specific selection of chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) with bisulphite conversion and sequencing (Bis-Seq) to provide single nucleotide resolution of immunoprecipitated DNA.

By combining the two techniques, information about both the chromatin context and the methylation profiles of each DNA strand can be evaluated, enabling better understanding of the biological context and significance regarding gene regulation, gene expression, mechanisms of chromatin modification and pathway analysis.ChIP Bisulphite Sequencing Kit Workflow

The ChIP-Bis-Seq Kit provides a complete and validated workflow that includes chromatin preparation and immunoprecipitation reagents, methylated adapters, sequencing library reagents and bisulfite conversion components. The ChIP-Bis-Seq Kit is compatible with Illumina® sequencing platforms.

Benefits of the ChIP-Bis-Seq Kit
• Directly interrogates both chromatin and DNA methylation profiles on the same sample with higher resolution than either ChIP or bisulfite sequencing alone
• Evaluates allele-specific differences in DNA (imprinting, X-inactivation)
• Works with histone and transcription factor antibodies
• Optimised ChIP reagents reduce background caused by non-specific binding and provide higher quality DNA for analysis
• Saves time and money by using our already validated ChIP-Bis-Seq workflow

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ChIP-Bis-Seq Kit 53048 · Active Motif
Active Motif
10 libraries £944.00
10 libraries
High Sensitivity Chromatin Preparation Kit 53046 · Active Motif
Active Motif
16 reactions £296.00
16 reactions