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ChIP assays

The chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) assay has become the gold-standard method to investigate the association of DNA binding proteins and co-factors with chromatin, and the localisation of histones with epigenetic post-translational modifications within the genome.

We’ve partnered with Active Motif, who launched the first ever ChIP assay in 2003, to provide you with a comprehensive range of ChIP assays and ChIP validated antibodies, designed for a range of sample and protein targets, with optimised protocols depending on your requirements. 

The range includes the Low Cell ChIP-Seq kit which provides a complete ChIP-seq workflow and is ideal for limited samples that can be difficult to analyse, the ChIP-IT® High Sensitivity kit, the most sensitive ChIP kit available on the market, as well as the ChIP-IT® Express and Express Enzymatic kits which feature a fast and simple protocol to allow you to perform ChIP in just one day.