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ATAC-Seq library preparation kit

The ATAC-Seq Kit from Active Motif generates sequencing-ready libraries from cell or tissue samples. This kit contains the reagents needed to perform ATAC-Seq and a streamlined protocol to ensure best results.

The optimised ATAC-Seq protocol guides you through the steps for sample preparation, tagmentation, and library preparation, yielding next-generation sequencing-ready libraries that can be multiplexed in a single flow cell sequencing run.

Benefits of the ATAC-Seq Kit
• Generates 16 sequencing-ready Illumina®-compatible ATAC-Seq libraries per kit
• Processes 50,000-100,000 cells or 20-30 mg of tissue per sample
• Streamlined protocols with all reagents and enzymes included
• Entire workflow can be completed in 4 hours
• Kit includes assembled transposomes

Active ATAC-Seq Kit workflow

ATAC-Seq is based on transposase-mediated insertion of NGS adaptors into open chromatin regions. This assay provides genome-wide profiles of open and accessible regions of chromatin that are indicative of transcriptionally active regions and regions of the genome containing active regulatory elements.

Robust and reproducible data
The chromatin at promoters of genes that are transcriptionally active are generally open or accessible. ATAC-Seq assays result in peaks at these locations, revealing those open chromatin regions in the samples being investigated.

ATAC-Seq kit locations

ATAC-Seq Kit was used to assess the genome-wide open chromatin states of several mouse tissue samples. The peaks here  indicate open chromatin signal at the Rbfox3 gene, which exhibits highest expression in brain tissue.

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ATAC-Seq, Chromatin Analysis


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