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Highly Specific Fluorescence Assays

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Microvolume Spectrophotometers & Fluorometers

Cambridge Bioscience offers the DeNovix range of microvolume spectrophotometers and fluorometers for UV-Vis and fluorescence quantification. Requiring no calibration and supplied with a 3 year warranty as standard, these instruments are a must for every molecular biologist.

What People Say About The DS-11 Systems
An excellent purchase & many happy customers
“The feedback on the DeNovix spectrophotometers is excellent, several people have reported how pleased they were with the reproducibility, which is so much better than with the nanodrop™ 1000 we previously had. All in all, an excellent purchase and many happy customers.”
Royal Veterinary College London

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Benefits of Using the DS-11 Instruments
• No calibration required
• 3-year warranty as standard
• Easy to use with a simple interface
• UV/Vis works with proteins and nucleic acids
• Sample contamination alerts with SmartQC™
• Fully network connected - email data or print direct from the instrument
• A great choice of colours - blue, red, white & grey
• Compatible assays with the greatest sensitivity & widest dynamic range on the market

DS-11 Series


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