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96-sample automated nucleic extraction system

Increase the speed of your 96-sample nucleic extractions with the Zybio EXM6000 system and dedicated extraction kits. With exceptional recovery and reduced manual handling, the Zybio system significantly increases the throughput of your nucleic acid extractions.

The Zybio EXM6000 system and dedicated extraction kits are readily available. Contact our Zybio specialists for more information or a quotation.Zybio nucleic acid isolation system 6000

Benefits of the Zybio EXM6000 system
• 96 sample automated extracted
• Exceptional recovery - ≥98%
• Manual handling reduced for increased throughput
• System in stock now
• No additional plasticware required
• Compact benchtop footprint

How it works
The fully-automated system utilises 96 individual magnetic rods to transfer the magnetic beads to each well on the pre-loaded reagent plates. In each position, the system efficiently stirs the reagent and magnetic beads using the rod tips to ensure thorough mixing. After the lysis, nucleic acid adsorption, and wash and elution steps, the high purity nucleic acid recovered is ideal for PCR amplification detection.

How it works

Performance data 

Zybio graphs

HBV sample was diluted at a concentration of 107 IU/ ml 10 fold to the concentration of 106, 105, 104, 103 IU/ ml, and then analysed via qPCR after extraction. Linearly dependent coefficient R2 = 0.9999 (left). WHO reference (NIBSC code:10/ 264) of HBV was extracted at a concentration of 500 IU/ mL 32 times repeatedly and then analysed via qPCR. CV ≤ 0.56% (centre). WHO reference (NIBSC code: 10/ 264) of HBV was extracted at a concentration of 10 IU/ mL 32 times repeatedly, and then analysed via qPCR. Detection rate 20/20 (right).

Technical specifications

Working principle Magnetic bead method
Throughput 96 sample
Process volume 50 µl - 1000 µl
Recovery rate ≥98%
Stability CV≤3%
Lysis temperature RT ~ 120°C
Elution temperature RT ~ 120°C
Mixing mode Multi-mode and multi-speed adjustable
Operation interface 8.4 inch touch screen
Connectivity Standard USB, ethernet
Pollution control UV sterilisation
Filtration HEPA filter
Dimensions 696 mm x 450 mm x 460 mm
Weight 50 kg

Also available is the Zybio EXM3000 system for the isolation of up 32 samples.


Note: product availability depends on country - see product detail page.

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