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TIGR Tissue Grinder & Dissociator

The TIGR Tissue Grinder & Dissociator from OMNI Life Science enables fast and enzyme-free dissociation of various types of tissue. Gentle single cell dissociation from their matrix is a prequisite for accurate single cell analysis in a variety of different areas of life science, including microbiology, immune-oncology and drug discovery. The technology is purely mechanical and avoids cleavage of membrane proteins.

TIGR offers ultimate flexibility, allowing adjustment of process parameters time, direction of rotation, acceleration, speed and the number of process steps, creating an experiment-specific protocol depending on application.TIGR

Benefits of using TIGR
• Completely enzyme-free
• Generate single cells in as little as 2 minutes
• Maximise your workflow with less hands-on time
• Avoid cleavage of membrane proteins
• High-throughput with 4 slots
• Easy to use software

TIGR technology
The grinding unit interlocks with rows of teeth that can be moved against each other. Movement is provided by free rotation of the grinding teeth, drawing the tissue sample into the free space applying adequate amounts of gentle shearing and milling force enabling isolation of single cells from the tissue. The space between the grinding teeth and their fin-shaped geometry allows efficient extraction of viable single cells.

TIGR workflow

• 3D cell culture
• Tissue models - organoids, spheroids, tumouroids
• Single cell counting
• Isolation of primary cells
• Cancer cell line development
• Flow cytometry 

Materials available for download
TIGR Protocol

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