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Warranties, Service & Support

As your supply partner, Cambridge Bioscience aims to maximise your instrumentation performance and lifespan through our Service and Support programmes.

Every instrument we sell is provided with a minimum of a 1 year warranty as standard. Beyond the standard warranty cover, we offer extended warranty and support packages, preventative maintenance visits, engineer call outs and additional training packages.

Details and exceptions may apply to specific instruments. For full terms, conditions and procedures please Click Here

Standard Warranties
Standard warranties are as follows:
• Denovix Range - 3 years
• Azure Range - 1 year
• Curiox Range - 1 year
• Nanoentek Range - 1 year
• XCell Bioscience Range - 1 year

Out of Warranty Services
Cambridge Bioscience can offer single call outs for repairs, relocation, servicing and training for a fee. To find out more, please contact our Service Manager Here

Any Questions? Want To Know More?
For more information about any of our service or warranty offerings, please contact our Service Manager by email, phone 01223 316 855 or Click Here

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