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Cell and gene therapy

We work with specialist cell and gene therapy suppliers who develop innovative and scalable solutions to advance the discovery, development, manufacturing and quality control of cell and gene therapies.

Our gene therapy range includes vector production reagents from System Biosciences and high-performance transfection reagents from Mirus, to overcome the challenges of gene delivery and expression. For cloning and protein expression, we offer a range of high-efficiency competent cells from LGC Lucigen. We also provide the ZymoPURE plasmid prep kits from Zymo Research for the purification of high-yield and high-quality plasmid DNA.

Our cell therapy offering includes a variety of different advanced cell line formats engineered for drug discovery from BPS Bioscience, as well as a range of solutions specifically designed for CAR-T cell therapy research to enable researchers to create, evaluate, and enhance CAR-T cells. We also offer the most advanced and cell-like cellular controls from Slingshot Biosciences, and a fresh human blood and leukapheresis service from Research Donors.