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Virus production

Cambridge Bioscience offers both adenoviral and lentiviral based gene delivery vectors for high efficiency delivery of DNA via viral transduction methods. In addition, we provide producer and packaging cell lines along with the reagents to concentrate, purify and quantify viral particles and monitor levels of replication competency.

Selection guide for recombinant viruses for gene delivery

  Adenovirus AAV Lentivirus Retrovirus
Gene expression Transient Transient or stable Transient or stable Stable
Infect dividing cells Yes Yes Yes Yes
Infect non-dividing cells Yes Yes Yes No
Integration into target cell genome No No* Yes Yes
Immune response in target cells High Very low Low Moderate
Relative viral titre ++++ +++ +++ ++
Relative transduction efficiency ++++ +++ +++ ++

*Native AAV will integrate but recombinant AAV rarely does