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ZymoPURE plasmid kits

The ZymoPURE II™ range from Zymo Research enables the isolation of ultra-pure, vaccine/transfection grade plasmid DNA from E. coli using the fastest and easiest method on the market. Featuring ZymoPURE II technology along with a modified alkaline lysis system and novel binding chemistry, these kits can isolate up to 400 µg of vaccine/transfection grade, salt, protein and RNA-free plasmid DNA in less than 20 minutes.

ZymopureBenefits of using the ZymoPURE II plasmid isolation kits
• Vaccine/transfection grade ultra-pure DNA produced
• 20-minute protocol (Midiprep and Maxiprep)
• Up to 3 µg/µl plasmid DNA isolated
• Endotoxin levels of less than 0.025 EU/µg plasmid DNA (if using additional EndoZeroTM columns provided)
• Simple protocol
• Reliable and consistent performance
• DNA ready for immediate use
• Wide downstream application compatibility
• Sample kits available (Midiprep and  Maxiprep)

ZymoPURE Plasmid Kit formats available:

Catalogue number Product Highest yield/binding capacity Elution volume Culture input Endotoxin levels Format
ZymoPURE Plasmid Miniprep 100 µg ≥ 25 µl ≤ 5 ml culture ≤ 1 EU/µg DNA Spin column
ZymoPURE II Plasmid Midiprep 400 µg ≥ 100 µl ≤ 50 ml ≤ 0.025 EU/µg DNA Spin column
ZymoPURE II Plasmid Maxiprep 1.2 mg ≥ 200 µl ≤ 150 ml ≤ 0.025 EU/µg DNA Spin column
D4204 ZymoPURE II Plasmid Gigaprep 10 mg ≥ 2 ml ≤ 2.5 l ≤ 0.025 EU/µg DNA Spin column
D4213 ZymoPURE-Express Plasmid Midiprep 1.2 mg ≥ 200 µl 25 ml ≤ 1 EU/µg Plasmid DNA Spin column