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Hycult Biotech
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Hycult Biotech produces antibodies and immunoassays for innate immunity research and directly related fields. In particular they specialise on complement, neutrophil proteins, toll-like receptors, scavenger receptors and acute phase proteins. Furthermore, Hycult Biotech have a strong interest in progressing research in the area of inflammation and cell damage caused by pathogens or oxidative factors.

Leaders within focused fields of immunology and cell biology, Hycult Biotech develop products to facilitate the transition of assay systems from research use into diagnostic testing. Hycult Biotech has built a strong network with over 40 close scientific collaborations with leading international research institutes. They contribute to numerous projects and as a result, can continuously offer early access to an expanding range of innovative reagents.

Why trust a Hycult ELISA?

Hycult ELISAs are highly validated with each kit undergoing 50-100 experiments before release. Hycult also tests ELISA cross reactivity with species and family members, compare manual wash with automated wash and perform long-term stability studies on their ELISAs.

Validation methods:
• Optimal coat-tracer concentration is validated & optimal buffer composition is determined
• Stability, robustness & linearity
• Optimal sample type (CHES) determined
• Optimal assay range determined
• 50-100 experiments carried outon each kit before release
• QC controls used to reduce batch to batch variability
• Matrix influenced tested
• Spike recovery tested
• Influence of carriers on assay performance tested
• Tested by two independent operators before batch release
• Validated using both diseased & healthy samples together with an external reference centre
• Batch is only released with a pre-determined set Every batch that is released is only released with a pre-determined set of lot-specific components

This validation ensures that kits have:
• Wide sample compatibility
• Wide standard range
• Low detection level
• Great reliability & reproducibility

Cambridge Bioscience is pleased to be able to represent Hycult Biotech in the UK and Ireland.

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