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Human LL-37 ELISA

Hycult Biotech's Human LL-37 ELISA kit enables the in vivo quantitative measurement of natural and recombinant LL-37 in a range of sample types. With a wide detection range of 0.1 ng/ml - 100 ng/ml, the Human LL-37 ELISA takes only three and a half hours.

Benefits of using Human LL-37 ELISAHuman LL-37 ELISA
• Three and a half hours working time
• 0.1 ng/ml detection limit
• 0.1 ng/ml - 100ng/ml detection range

Sample types
• Cell culture supernatant
• Cervicovaginal secretions
• Plasma
• Saliva
• Serum
• Urine

Why trust a Hycult ELISA?

Material available for download
LL-37 Human ELISA kit manual


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Details Cat number & supplier Size Price
LL-37, Human, ELISA kit HK321-01 · Hycult Biotech
Hycult Biotech
96 determinations £817.00
96 determinations
LL-37, Human, ELISA kit HK321-02 · Hycult Biotech
Hycult Biotech
2 x 96 determinations £1345.00
2 x 96 determinations