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Human complement C3 ELISA

The unique human complement C3 ELISA kit from Hycult Biotech detects intact complement C3 in plasma and serum samples. The ability to detect intact complement C3 enables this kit, in combination with fragment assays, to be used to discriminate between normal, nonactivated levels of complement C3 versus activated fragments.

Benefits of using this Human complement C3 ELISAELISA Kit
• Only C3 assay available for specific detection of intact C3
• No cross-reactivity with C3 fragments
• Allows for discrimination between nonactivated and activated C3
• Wide sample compatibility
• Wide standard range – 1.6-100 ng/ml
• Low detection level – 1.6 ng/ml
• Great reliability and reproducibility with each kit tested 50-100 times before release
• Batch to batch variability is reduced by use of QC controls

Why trust a Hycult ELISA?

Material available for download
Human complement C3 ELISA manual
Complement research functional tools


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Details Cat number & supplier Size Price
C3, Human, ELISA kit HK366-01 · Hycult Biotech
Hycult Biotech
96 detections £599.00
96 detections
C3, Human, ELISA kit HK366-02 · Hycult Biotech
Hycult Biotech
2 x 96 detections £970.00
2 x 96 detections