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Recombinant cobra venom factor

The recombinant cobra venom factor (rCVF) from Hycult Biotech is a sustainable and scalable alternative to native CVF, ideal for studying the role of complement in innate immunity. rCVF is synthesised in insect cells then processed into a two chain form of pro-CVF that structurally resembles C3, removing the need to extract native CVF from the venom of the endangered Naja Kaouthia cobra species.

Benefits of using this recombinant Cobra Venom Factor
• Sustainable and animal-friendly alternative to native CVF
• Scalable option for complement activation
• Easily imported and exported
• Highly stable: 7 hour half-life

rCVF resembles native CVF in varying concentrations


Recombinant CVF (rCVF) in different concentrations in a sheep erythrocytes experiment. Blue is the control recombinant CVF and red is rCVF.

Material available for download
Complement research: functional tools
Certificate of Analysis: recombinant CVF

rCVF citations

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