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Research Donors

Research Donors
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Research Donors is a London-based company dedicated to providing research organisations in the UK and internationally with a wide range of fresh human blood biospecimens. From its integrated blood donation and processing centre, Research Donors collects, processes, tests and rapidly delivers precisely defined and controlled human blood samples for research use.

For many research applications the speed of sample processing is critical. Research Donors are able to deliver blood samples across Europe on the day following venepuncture. In the UK same day delivery may be possible depending on location.

Research Donors collects its samples from a large, diverse pool of healthy, paid volunteers. All samples are collected under a comprehensive informed consent that explicitly permits the use of blood samples and derivatives in a wide range of research applications, including commercial research and research involving genetic testing. All samples are tested for a range of infectious diseases prior to release.

"The blood service is always precise and people are helpful. Samples are delivered in timely manner, the quality of blood received from Research Donors is very high and I look forward to working with Cambridge Bioscience again."
Senior Research Associate, Kymab

"The human blood products are of very good quality and helped us generate great data."
Senior Development Scientist, Momentum Bioscience

"I have found Vashu and team to offer the most excellent fresh blood service; they are very helpful and highly responsive. They provided exactly what we needed, on time and to specification. Perhaps most importantly, they did what they said they would do and maintained fabulous communication throughout the ordering process. I would certainly recommend the fresh blood service to others."
General Manager, Complement Genomics

"We have used Cambridge Bioscience for nearly over a year now, purchasing frozen, fresh PBMCs, and whole blood samples. Service is fantastic, and prices are reasonable. You will have a dedicated person dealing with your order, from placing of order to delivery. I thoroughly recommend!"
Clinical Application Specialist, Miltenyi Biotec

Research Donors routinely provides the following human blood biospecimens and derivative samples for research use:

Whole Blood
From a single tube up to a full bag of whole blood, get the exact volume of blood you need from donors best suited to your study, delivered within precisely defined timeframes, at the best temperature for your requirements.

Buffy Coat
Whole blood units are processed into buffy coat preparations which can be used as a rich source of PBMCs. Smaller volumes of blood from blood collection tubes can also be processed into buffy coat.

Get plasma from a specific volume of blood in the anticoagulant of your choice or select from plasma samples that we have previously banked from a wide selection of donors.

Serum can be collected and processed to order or select a specific volume of serum from samples that we have previously banked.

Fresh PBMCs are produced from whole units or smaller volumes of blood (in less than 5 hours following venepuncture) and can be shipped overnight. Alternatively select from pre-isolated frozen stocks.

Custom Services
Research Donors can develop specific processes to match your exact blood collection and processing requirements. Cambridge Bioscience works closely with Research Donors to ensure your exact blood biospecimen needs are met. We welcome the opportunity to discuss challenging project requirements to help you meet your research goals.

These products are for Research Use Only and not for any diagnostic or therapeutic human use. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have necessary licensing and ethics approvals in place for the use and storage of any human tissue related material supplied by Cambridge Bioscience.

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