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Retroviral expression

Cambridge Bioscience offers a range of tools to improve the results of retrovirus expression studies.

Gene-specific retroviral plasmids: save the time and cost of cloning
Complete expression systems: produce retroviruses with an average titer of 1x107 IFU/mL
Retroviral titer: quantify your virus in less than one hour
Retroviral infection: increase your retroviral transduction up to six-fold

Platinum complete expression systems
Produce retroviruses with high titers (average of 10^7 IFU/mL with transient transfection) for superior infection of a variety of cell types. Containing a packaging cell, a cloning/expression vector, and a GFP reporter plasmid, these systems are available to make amphotropic, ecotropic, or pantropic (VSVG-pseudotyped) retrovirus, each of which are designed to infect cells of certain species:

  Amphotropic Ecotropic Pantropic
Human +++ N.S. +++
Mouse +++ +++ +++
Rat +++ +++ +++
Monkey +++ N.S. +++
Cat +++ N.S. +++
Dog +++ N.S. +++
Hamster + N.S. +++
Bird N.S. N.S. +++
Fish N.S. N.S. +++
Frog N.S. N.S. +++
Insect N.S. N.S. +++
Mollusc N.S. N.S. +++

N.S. = not suitable

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