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Cell Invasion Assays With No Manual Counting
Cell Transformation Assays With No Manual Cell Counting
Small GTPase Activation Assays, Western blot

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Cell Biolabs

Cell Biolabs
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Cell Biolabs develop novel assays and reagents to advance cell and molecular biology.

The company is made up of scientists driven by a devotion to discovery and innovation in order to find new ways to streamline life science research. Whether you trust Cell Biolabs for their Cell-Based Assays, Viral Expression Systems, Oxidative Stress Assays, or reagents for Cell Signalling, Stem Cell Research or miRNA analysis, Cell Biolabs can help you with experimental design, assay protocols and data analysis.

Their core areas of expertise include:

  • Cell-Based Assays
  • Viral Expression and Purification Reagents
  • Oxidative Stress Assays
  • Small GTPase Kits and Reagents

Cambridge Bioscience is proud to distribute Cell Biolabs products in the UK and Ireland.

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