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Retrovirus quantitation kit: QuickTiter

The QuickTiter™ Retrovirus Quantitation Kit from Cell Biolabs is an ultra-fast kit for retroviral titer quantification. Measuring the viral nucleic acid content of purified viruses or unpurified viral supernatant, this kit has detection sensitivity limit of 1.5 x 109 viral particles (VP)/mL, ideal for mid or high-titer retrovirus samples.

Benefits of using the QuickTiter Retrovirus Quantitation Kit
• 1.5 x 109 VP/mL detection sensitivity limit
• Rapid procedure ~ 60 minutes
• Ideal for mid or high-titer retrovirus samples
• Use before or after purification of virus
• Measures viral nucleic acid content of purified retrovirus or unpurified retroviral supernatant

How the QuickTiter kit works

How QuickTiter works

QuickTiter Retrovirus Quantitation Kit citations

Material available for download

QuickTiter Retrovirus Quantitation Kit manual


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