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Fastest 16S Library Prep - Quick-16S™ NGS Library Prep Kit
ZymoBIOMICS Microbial Community Standards
ZymoBIOMICS Spike-In Control I - Quantify Absolute Microbiome Sample Cell Number

Receive High Quality Leukaemia & Lymphoma Biospeciemens Within 24 Hours


Analysis - PCR & NGS

Cambridge Bioscience offers a range of reagents for microbiome analysis including a low-bioburden PCR PreMix with robust amplification, which enables the detection of low-copy DNA, along with kits for the reliable detection and quantification of bacterial, fungal, or human DNA with high sensitivity and specificity.

Microbiomic & Metagenomic Portfolio
We offer a comprehensive solution for microbiomic and metagenomic research from collection to analyses. Find out more Here.

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