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Sequencing services

Cambridge Bioscience offers access to a wide range of sequencing services from our highly experienced suppliers including Lexogen, LGC Biosearch and Zymo Research. Our custom Next Generation Sequencing services provides optimised solutions for a variety of sequence applications, accessible to every researcher.  

Next Generation Sequencing services include:

  • Zymo Research epigenetic analysis, RNA-Seq and microbiome analysis services
  • Lexogen offers sequencing of known and unknown RNAs in any species, to quantify gene expression and detect novel transcripts and isoforms
  • A range of sequencing services provided by LGC Genomics including Sanger sequencing and De novo whole genome sequencing 
  • Exo-NGS Exosomal RNA sequencing service from System Biosciences

If you would like to discuss a more complex project, please contact our technical support team.