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QFX fluorometer

DeNovix's QFX is the most sensitive and reproducible fluorometer in its class, outperforming Qubit® and other tube fluorometers. Quantifying both nucleic acids and proteins using any fluorescent assay format, the QFX is ideal for the quantification of degraded or low concentration samples, even in the presence of common contaminants. Using four fluorescent channels, when combined with the DeNovix dsDNA quantification assays, this powerful system can quantify between 0.5 pg/µl and 4000 ng/µl DNA producing data in less than two seconds. 

Benefits of using the QFXDeNovix QFX fluorometer
• Most sensitive and reproducible fluorometer in its class
• Quantifies 0.5 pg/µl - 4000 ng/µl DNA
• Quantifies any fluorescent assay
• Data in less than two seconds
• Easy to use with Android® interface
• No PC set-up or software installation
• Supplied ready to run Qubit® assays
• Common assays built into measurement apps
• Fully network integrated

DeNovix fluorescence dsDNA assays
Optimised for use with the DS-11 systems, the DeNovix fluorescence dsDNA assays provide the greatest sensitivity and widest dynamic range available on the market. Find out more.

DeNovix dsDNA assay sensitivity comparison with Qubit®

DeNovix broad range assayHigh sensitivity assay








Ultra high sensitivity assay

Broad Range assay, 0.1 – 4000 ng/μl. High Sensitivity assay, 5.0 pg/μl – 250 ng/μl. Ultra High Sensitivity assay, 0.5 – 300 pg/μl.

Request a QFX demonstration
To organise a free demonstration or to find out more, please contact one of our QFX specialists.

Material available to download
QFX Fluorometer vs Qubit® comparison
DS-11 series brochure

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