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Microvolume Spectrophotometer - DS-11 Systems

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DeNovix optimised fluorescence DNA assays

DeNovix optimised fluorescence DNA assays

The three fluorescence assays for dsDNA from DeNovix offer the greatest sensitivity and widest dynamic range (0.5 pg/µl – 4000 ng/µl) available on the market. With a simple mix and measure protocol and optimised for use on the DS-11+, DS-11 FX+ and QFX systems, these kits selectively and accurately measure dsDNA even in the presence of common contaminants such as RNA, ssDNA or protein.DeNovix Fluorescence Assays

Benefits of using these assays
• 0.5 pg/µL – 4000 ng/µL dynamic range
• Integrated into EasyApps® software
• Simple mix and measure protocol

The dsDNA Ultra High Sensitivity assay allows measurement of samples as low as 0.5 pg/µl (original sample concentration), 20X lower than the core range of the Qubit® dsDNA HS assay.
Kit format available Dynamic range
DeNovix dsDNA Ultra High Sensitivity Assay Kit 0.5 pg/µl - 300 pg/µl
DeNovix dsDNA High Sensitivity Assay Kit 5 pg/µl to 250 ng/µl
DeNovix dsDNA Broad Range Kit 0.1 ng/µl to 2000 ng/µl (extended to 4000 ng/µl)

DeNovix sensitivity comparison with Qubit®

Broad Range Assay Comparison

High Sensitivity Assay

Ultra Sensitive Assay Comparison

High sensitivity fluorometer - QFX
Cambridge Bioscience offers the most sensitive and reproducible fluorometer in its class outperforming Qubit® and other tube fluorometers. To find out more, click here.

Integrated spectrophotometer, fluorometer and cuvette - DS-11 FX+
Cambridge Bioscience offers the most sensitive 1 µl UV-Vis absorbance with the most flexible and precise fluorometer in one compact, maintenance-free instrument.To find out more, please click here.

Material available for download
QFX Fluorometer vs Qubit® Comparison Technical Note 167
dsDNA Broad Range Assay Protocol
dsDNA High Sensitivity Assay Protocol
dsDNA Ultra High Sensitivity Assay Protocol

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