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Mirus Bio provide researchers with turnkey tools to add, delete and modify any gene at will. By supporting any delivery method, capable of delivery of any nucleic acid into any cell type, Mirus Bio play a vital role in researchers’ ability to programme the genome with solutions in chemical transfection, viral transduction and electroporation. 

Mirus Bio’s wide range of delivery systems includes the TransIT® Transfection Reagents which represent the most straightforward and widespread tools for gene delivery experiments in mammalian cells. Following a simple workflow and providing high efficiency nucleic acid delivery, these reagents are ideal for use in providing consistent experimental outcomes for high functional titres, protein production, efficient knockdown of target genes and effective low toxicity solutions. 

The range also includes the Ingenio® Electroporation kits offering a simple, broad spectrum solution for gene delivery and are compatible with most conventional electroporation devices.

Cambridge Bioscience is pleased to distribute Mirus Bio products within the UK.