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Naveni proximity ligation technology

The Naveni™ proximity ligation technology platform pushes the boundaries of fluorescence and chromagenic-based in situ methodology, enabling researchers to visualise and quantify proteins, their interactions and modifications at a molecular level, without the need to overexpress or modify the natural environment of the cell. The images generated are high resolution, quantitative and ready to contribute to a deeper understanding of the biological mechanisms within diseased or normal tissues, responses to therapeutic drugs or changes to the cellular microenvironment.

Find out more about the NaveniFlex (fluorescence) or NaveniBright (brightfield) Proximity Ligation Assay kits.

Beta-Catenin and E-Cadherin interaction on skin cancer tissueWhy use Naveni technology

  • • Clear target detection
  • • Consistent staining
  • • Excellent reproducibility
  • • Detect extremely low abundant protieins, protein-protein interactions and specific post-translational modifications

 Naveni technology is tailored for researchers working in the fields of:

  • • Immuno-profiling
  • • Signaling profiling
  • • Drug testing
  • • Biomarker discovery
  • • Diagnostics
  • • Pathology

How does Naveni proximity ligation technology work?

Naveni workflow

Naveni proximity ligation technology citations

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