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In-situ proximity ligation: NaveniBright

The Naveni in situ proximity ligation technology (PLA) from Navinci enables chromagenic visualisation of protein-protein interactions, post-translational modifications or extremely low abundant proteins in cultured cells, fresh-frozen and FFPE samples. The NaveniBright kits provides accurate data and precise staining of the full tissue morphology with PLA brightfield microscopy and are compatible with traditional immunostaining equipment. 

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Benefits of using these NaveniBright kits
• Ideal for detection of low abundant proteins
• Consistency in staining
• Sensitive PLA fluorescent readouts
• Simple protocol based on secondary detection using Navenibodies
• Detection of protein-protein interactions and post-translational modifications
• Compatible with traditional in situ PLA equipment and workflow

Naveni 2

Naveni 3

Left: NaveniBright HRP kit, showing the interaction between E-cadherin and β-catenin on Sebaceous gland in skin tissue. Right: NaveniBright HRP kit, showing Phosphorylated PDGFRβ (pTyr-PDGFRβ) on PDGFBB stimulated Bj-hTERT cells. 

Naveni 4

Naveni 1

Left: Naveni Brightfield AP kit showing the interaction between E-cadherin and β-catenin in skin tissue. Right: Naveni Brightfield AP showing the interaction between Mucin (MUC16) and Mesothelin in ovary cancer tissue with normal ovary tissue.

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NaveniBright HRP NB.MR.HRP.100 · Navinci Diagnostics AB
Navinci Diagnostics AB
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NaveniBright AP NB.MR.AP.100 · Navinci Diagnostics AB
Navinci Diagnostics AB
100 reactions £1592.00
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