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Integrated Spectrophotometer, Fluorometer & Cuvette - DS-11 FX/FX+

Integrated Spectrophotometer, Fluorometer & Cuvette - DS-11 FX/FX+

Winner of the Reviewers’ Choice Award for Life Science Product of the Year 2017 (SelectScience®) and first instrument to receive the prestigious Platinum Seal of Quality 2018 (SelectScience®), the DS-11 FX+ combines the most sensitive 1 µl UV-Vis absorbance with the most flexible and precise fluorometer in one compact, maintenance-free instrument. Requiring no calibration or maintenance and with the ability to analyse both proteins and nucleic acids, this system, when combined with the accompanying dsDNA quantification assays, can quantify between 0.5 pg/µl and 37500 ng/µl. Every compact, easy-to-use instrument is provided with a 3-year warranty as standard and a great selection of system colours can be chosen from.

What People Say About The DS-11 Systems2018 Platinum Award
An excellent purchase and many happy customers
“The feedback on the DeNovix spectrophotometers is excellent, several people have reported how pleased they were with the reproducibility, which is so much better than with the NanoDrop™ 1000 we previously had. All in all, an excellent purchase and many happy customers.”

Royal Veterinary College London

Take The DeNovix Challenge!DeNovix Challenge
Try the multi-award winning DS-11 FX+ for a week in your lab and receive a FREE broad range fluorescent kit to use and a FREE DeNovix Challenge T-shirt.

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Offer ends 31st October 2018 or until stocks last.

Benefits of Using the DS-11 FX/FX+
• First instrument to receive the Platinum Seal of Quality (SelectScience®)
• Integrated spectrophotometer, fluorometer & cuvette (FX+ only)
• Best in class fluorescence sensitivity with DeNovix assays
• No calibration required
• UV/Vis works with proteins and nucleic acids
• 3-year warranty as standard
• Easy to use with a simple interface
• Fully network connected - email or print direct from the instrument
• Choice of colours - blue, red, white & grey
• Compatible assays with the greatest sensitivity & widest dynamic range on the market

DS-11 FX Specification Comparison With NanoDrop™ One

  DeNovix DS-11 NanoDrop™ One
Fluorescence option Yes - DS-11 FX & DS-11 FX+ (UV, Blue, Red, Green) None
Warranty 3 years 2 years
Dynamic range (dsDNA) 0.5 pg/µL* - 37,500 ng/µl 0.2 ng/µL - 27,500 ng/µL
Protein performance Outstanding Only if sample column is properly formed
Microvolume lower detection limit dsDNA: 0.75 ng/µL, BSA: 0.04 mg/mL dsDNA: 2.0 ng/µL, BSA: 0.06 mg/mL
Cuvette lower detection limit dsDNA: 0.04 ng/µL, BSA: 0.002 mg/mL dsDNA: 0.2 ng/µL, BSA: 0.006 mg/mL
Max concentration dsDNA: 37,500 ng/µL, BSA: 1125 mg/mL
dsDNA: 27,500 ng/µL, BSA: 820 mg/mL
Wavelength range 190 - 840 nm 190 - 850 nm
Absorbance range 0.015 - 750 A 0.04 - 550 A
Wavelength accuracy (Absorbance) 0.5 nm 1 nm
Absorbance accuracy 1.5% at 0.75 AU at 260 nm 3% at 0.97 AU at 302 nm
Microvolume pathlength 0.5 to 0.02 mm 1.0 to 0.03 mm
Pathlength verification SmartPath® Technology with BridgeTesting® Auto adjusting
Pathlength control Precision screw driven by high resolution servo motor Adjustment screw driven by stepper motor
Contamination alert software SmartQC™ sample guidance Yes
Data export Network drives & printers, email, USB, label printers USB, label printers, networks
Networking Wi-Fi & ethernet Wi-Fi not available in all areas, ethernet
Colour choices Arctic White, Brazilian Blue, Tungsten Silver, Fire Red No
Ergonomics Optimised screen & sample pedestal location Extended reach required

* Using DeNovix dsDNA Ultra High Sensitivity Assay

SmartQC™ Technology
SmartQC™ monitors the complete measurement and quality control process on the DS-11 microvolume spectrophotometers.

SmartQC™ Features
• Sample contamination alerts
• Measurement surface cleaning monitor
• BridgeTesting® - ensures sample column is always formed
• SmartPath® - always calibrated with no routine maintenance
• Spectral analysis

SmartQC™ clearly flags samples that do not meet purity specifications with visual alert icons, providing detailed information regarding the possible reasons for the high or low value. SmartQC™ detects contaminants such as phenol, proteins, carbohydrates, guanidine, glycogen, nucleic acids and buffers. Highly flexible, SmartQC™ allows the user to define and save custom limits, to use established default values, or not to enforce any limits.


DS-11 SmartPath® with Bridge Testing®
Unlike other instruments using a 1.0 mm gap that must stretch the sample, potentially producing an unbridged sample, the DS-11 spectrophotometer uses a 0.5 mm path and compresses the sample during measurement. Unbridged condition is a common issue with other spectrophotometers and leads to erroneous measurements, without the user knowing about it.
With the SmartPath® algorithm with Bridge Testing® to detect unbridged condition in the dsDNA, ssDNA, RNA and Protein A280 apps, the DS-11 spectrophotometer software automatically compensates to ensure accurate results, with no user action required.

DeNovix Fluorescence dsDNA Assays
Optimised for use with the DS-11 systems, the DeNovix fluorescence dsDNA assays provide the greatest sensitivity and widest dynamic range available on the market. Find out more Here

DeNovix dsDNA Assay Sensitivity Comparison With Qubit®

Organise a DS-11 FX+ Demonstration
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Material Available To Download
DS-11 FX Series Comparison to NanoDrop™ One
DS-11 FX Series Comparison to Qubit®

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Qubit is a trademark of Molecular Probes, Inc.


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