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Clean up your DNA and RNA this spring!

We're treating you to 30% off list price for Zymo's clean up kits when you buy a Zymo DNA or RNA extraction kit

What’s included?

Step 1: Choose your extraction kit

Step 2: Get 30% off the list price for any clean up kit!

  • DNA extraction kits
    Zymo's Quick-DNA™ kits ensure the simple and rapid recovery of total DNA from any sample. Kits include Zymo-Spin™ Column technologies enabling high-quality DNA purification in minutes. 

  • RNA extraction kits
    Produce high quality, DNA-free RNA from a range of samples; from TRI Reagent® and tough-to-lyse FFPE samples, to plants and blood samples. Kits include innovative Zymo-Spin™ Column and magnetic bead technologies to accommodate down to picogram amounts of RNA

  • DNA Clean & Concentrator Kit
    Get squeaky clean DNA and wash away those pesky salts, DNA polymerases, free dNTPs, RNA polymerases, ligases, kinases and more with Zymo’s DNA Clean and Concentrator Kit.
  • RNA Clean & Concentrator Kit range
    Don’t neglect your RNA, use Zymo’s rapid RNA Clean and Concentrator Kit to produce spotless RT-PCR-ready, DNA-free RNA.
  • OneStep PCR Inhibitor Removal Kit
    Hose down those PCR contaminates inhibiting downstream enzymatic reactions from your DNA and RNA preparations with Zymo’s OneStep PCR Inhibitor Removal Kit
  • Zymoclean DNA or RNA Gel Recovery Kit
    Produce polished, high-quality DNA or RNA from TAE/TBE-buffered agarose gels using Zymoclean’s Gel DNA or RNA Recovery Kits

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Still wondering which kit to purchase?Zymo Research how to choose a DNA or RNA purification kit
Have a look at Zymo's blog to discover how to choose the right DNA and RNA purification kit or contact our Zymo Research specialists


Terms & conditions 
- Offer available until 30th June 2023 
- Offer includes DNA or RNA clean up kits listed from Zymo Research only
- Discount available on quotation only
- Order must include a Zymo Research DNA or RNA extraction kit, a DNA or RNA clean up kit and a valid quotation number for discount to be applied
- Discount cannot be provided retrospectively 
- The promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other vouchers/promotions