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Stellaris RNA FISH technology

The Stellaris® RNA FISH Technology from LGC Biosearch offers an RNA visualisation method for simultaneous detection, localisation and quantification of individual mRNA molecules at the cellular level. Both highly sensitive and specific, a Stellaris RNA FISH assay is comprised of up to 48 single-labelled oligonucleotides designed to selectively bind to target RNA transcripts. 

The Stellaris portfolio includes:

  • Stellaris FISH custom probe sets - design a custom set to detect your RNA of interest to allow for visualisation, localisation and quantification of individual mRNA transcripts
  • Stellaris DesignReady probe sets - rigorous pre- and post-design bioinformatic analysis to maximise specificity. Most are available with: CAL Fluor® Orange 560, Quasar® 570, CAL Fluor® Red 590, CAL Fluor® Red 610, CAL Fluor® Red 635, Quasar® 670 and FAM
  • Stellaris positive control probe set - convenient, ready-to-ship positive controls for reference and long noncoding RNA targets
  • Stellaris RNA FISH buffers - ideal for performing Stellaris RNA FISH on cells, tissue and other sample types, the proprietary additives enhance signal and reduce background in assays that may typically exhibit more pronounced background fluorescence