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Cell line development

Discuss your cell line development project with usBPS Bioscience offers specialist cell line development services, including knockout or overexpressing cell lines, reporter cell lines, co-stimulatory cell lines, CAR-T cells and bioluminescent cells. Engineered by expert scientists, these cell lines are tailor-made for applications including, protein production, pathway analysis, inhibitor/activator studies, cellular controls for antibody staining, CAR-T modelling, and high-throughput screening systems.

With a wealth of custom resources, BPS Bioscience’s cell lines are custom-designed to accelerate research objectives meeting your exact specifications, ensuring high quality for every project.

Benefits of using this cell line development service

  • Cell lines developed by specialists
  • Service includes knockout or overexpressing cell lines, reporter cell lines, co-stimulatory cell lines, CAR-T cells & bioluminescent cells
  • Custom-designed to meet your exact specifications

Overexpression cell lines

  • High throughput screening tool to identify receptor/pathway inhibitors
  • >25 available promoters & >30 parental cell lines
  • Customise with your gene promoter of interest
  • Luciferase, eGFP or custom reporter systems
Overexpression cell lines
  • Positive control for antibody or ligand screening
  • Target for CAR-T, BiTE or antibody killing
  • Study protein expression effects on cell signaling, proliferation & metabolism
  • Varying expression levels (high, medium, low) to mimic natural variations

Overexpression cell lines

  • CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing ensures stable knockout condition
  • Knockout of immune-mediators such as TCR, B2M & CIITA for universal CAR-T cells
  • Study protein KO effects on cell signaling, proliferation, metabolism & activation

Overexpression cell lines

  • For use in co-culture with reporter cells
  • High-throughput inhibitor screening
  • TCR activator & customised expression of co-stimulators or checkpoint inhibitors

Overexpression cell lines

  • Expression of your CAR on immune-derived or other cell lines to model CAR-T function in co-culture studies
  • Cell lines or primary CD4+/CD8+ T cells

Custom cell line development process

  1. Molecular biology: expression vectors generated
  2. Selection & pool generation: parental cells transfected/virally transduced & cell pool is selected using antibiotics and phenotypical characterisation
  3. Limiting dilution & clonal selection: based on initial pool testing, single cell-derived clones selected
  4. Confirmation of expression: analysed by Western blot or flow cytometry
  5. Functional validation: cells treated with reference control compound for dose-response if applicable. Cells may be assayed in co-culture, depending on objectives
  6. Stability testing: desired number of clones selected for passage stability testing. Mycoplasma testing & cell banking services also available

• Protein production
• Pathway analysis
• Inhibitor/activator studies
• Cellular controls for antibody staining
• CAR-T modelling
• High-throughput screening systems

Materials available for download
BPS Bioscience cell systems services brochure

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