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Chemical synthesis services

Our chemical synthesis services ensure access to customised biochemical solutions tailored to your research requirements.

Bulk biochemical manufacture

Our bulk biochemical manufacture services, in partnership with Cayman Chemical, provide a reliable source for large-scale biochemical production. When you require bulk quantities of specific biochemical compounds for your research project, Cayman's state-of-the-art synthesis laboratories and expert team guarantee consistent, high-quality biochemicals.

Custom biochemical synthesis

For projects which demand specialised compounds or small molecules, Cayman Chemical boasts a team of experienced chemists who work closely with you to design and synthesise the biochemicals you need, meeting your specifications and ensuring the highest quality.

Biochemical catalogue customisation

Tailor our biochemical catalogue from Cayman Chemical with our catalogue customisation options. From custom formulations to specific sizes and exact weights, we can offer the flexibility you need to optimise your research project.

Lipid nanoparticle development

Enhance your drug-delivery research with our lipid nanoparticle (LNP) development services, which include lipid component synthesis, LNP formulation, characterisation, optimisation and LNP bioanalysis, enabling rigorous screening of payload delivery and biological effects.