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Protein expression systems

Cambridge Bioscience offers a range of Expresso® cloning and protein expression systems enabling the process of cloning of a gene of interest to the start of expression analysis in less than one day.

The Expresso® systems use in vivo homologous Expressioneering Technologyrecombination to clone PCR amplified DNA into specifically designed expression vectors removing the need for purification steps and making the system enzyme free. The desired insert is amplified using primers containing an 18 base overlap with the Expresso® expression vector. The unpurified PCR amplicon is subsequently mixed with the preprocessed expression plasmid and high efficiency competent cells provided and directly plated on appropriate media

Benefits of using the Expresso® system
• Fast directional PCR cloning
• Bacterial and mammalian expression systems
• 90 percent recombinants
• Eliminates restriction digests, ligation, vector preparation and DNA purification
• Inclusion body problems oversome - SUMO solubility tag (only available for T7 and rhamnose system)
• Tightly-controlled expression of N- or C- terminal
• 6xHis/HA-tagged proteins for easy identification
• Easier downstream manipulation of small vectors (2.2 kb to 3.4 kb)

Cambridge Bioscience offers the following systems:
1. Bacterial Expression Systems
T7 and Rhamnose with optional SUMO tag to increase solubility
2. Mammalian Expression System
Strong, constitutive CMV driven protein expression