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Nucleic acid stains and labelling

Cambridge Bioscience offers a portfolio of products to quantify and characterise nucleic acids at the molecular level, at individual nucleic acid sequences or genes and at the specifically modified base level.

This portfolio includes nucleic acid gel stains from the fluorescent dye experts, Biotium, whose portfolio includes the extremely popular GelRed® and GelGreen® fluorescent gel stains, which are the most sensitive and safest DNA gel stains on the market.

From Mirus Bio, the Label IT® product range enables the direct covalent attachment of either fluorescent or non-fluorescent labels to any nucleic acid, using a simple one-step chemical reaction for nucleic acid visualisation in vitro and in vivo.

For the selective and accurate measurement of dsDNA and RNA, we supply fluorescence assays from our partner DeNovix, providing great sensitivity using a single assay. These are compatible with fluorescence microplate readers and fluorometers with the appropriate excitation sources and emission detectors.