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COVID-19 positive human serum, plasma and PBMCs

Acquiring blood samples from donors convalescing from COVID-19 infection enables researchers to identify antibodies that have been generated by the donor to fight the COVID-19 infection. By identifying the most effective antibodies, scientists can make specific antibodies to use to prevent future coronavirus outbreaks or to treat patients with severe disease. 

In addition to identifying effective antibodies against the disease, convalescent blood plasma or serum also help scientists’ study Passive Antibody Therapy. In contrast to vaccine research, Passive Antibody Therapy research involves investigating the use of human convalescent serum or plasma as an immediate source of immunoglobulin-containing material to help prevent and treat the disease. Researchers are actively investigating this approach while the race to develop a vaccine continues.

Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) from convalescent donors offers researchers the ability to characterise transcriptional changes in the different types of cells that make up the PBMCs during the recovery stage of COVID-19 by adopting single-cell RNA sequencing techniques. T- cell population is a focus of interest for researchers, whereby a marked decrease in numbers is observed, accompanied by a marked increase in monocytes in donors in the early recovery or convalescing stage of COVID-19.

Cambridge Bioscience can provide access to COVID-19 positive human convalescent serum, serum panels, plasma and PBMCs.